At last, a reference for the people that includes treatment guidelines for the top common health conditions. Easy to navigate, this book is meant to bridge the gap between patient and physician by offering much needed medication education. Communication between physician and patient will improve as both parties learn to speak the same language. Consulting and concierge services are also available for those patients and caregivers who would like extra support.

Empowered Medicine is for the patient who wants to learn more about what's going on with their body, for the caregiver who would like piece of mind and for anyone who wants to take charge of their healthcare.

Check out the 3 ways you can benefit from Empowered Medicine Right Now.


Imagine...what if we shopped for medicine the way we shopped for a car? When we buy a car we might look at Consumer Reports to see which model gets the best gas mileage and requires the least amount of repairs. When we are considering which medication to take we might consider which medication costs the least, is most effective and has the least amount of side effects. Much like Consumer Reports, did you know there are official guidelines that help our doctors decipher which medications might be best for our health condition? Doctors use these guidelines to prescribe medications based on sound, scientific evidence. These guidelines use data to show which medication may be the best and which may be harmful for one's condition. The process of optimizing decisions based on well-conducted research trials is called evidence based medicine. When a doctor doesn't reference these guidelines, the patient's health could be in danger.


These guidelines are written by reputable organizations like the American Heart Association and cover the diagnoses and treatment of common health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart failure. There are guidelines available for most common health conditions. 

Here's a problem: physicians today (especially in primary care) are struggling as their patient loads get heavier and their reimbursement gets smaller. They can't spend as much time with each patient as they would like to. As a result, some patients end up leaving their appointment with unanswered questions. When they go to the pharmacy to pick up their new prescription medication, the pharmacist typically answers any questions about the medication they are picking up but who is looking to see if there are multiple drugs for the same condition being prescribed by two different doctors? Who is looking to see if the patient is taking a medication that is not compatible with one of the patient's health conditions?  Who is looking to see if the patient is taking a medication that's been shown to decrease the risk of mortality (death) for their heath condition. Who is looking out for the patient as a whole?

Wouldn't it be nice if the patient or caregiver had a easy to navigate reference that helped fill in the gaps in their medication knowledge? Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone who was familiar with the patient's medical history, allergies and list of medications who could help the patient navigate their therapy?

This Is where Empowered Medicine comes in. Empowered Medicine is dedicated to empowering patients and caregivers through the provision of quality education and resources. There are currently 3 ways you can benefit from Empowered Medicine right now:

3 Ways to Benefit From Empowered Medicine Now

#1. Sign up to receive an email when the Book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers (Paperback, Kindle) is released. This is the ONLY book available that translates the official treatment guidelines for the top medical conditions into words we can all understand.  Armed with this information patients will likely find their discussions with their doctors to be more productive and helpful. After all, discussions go better when both parties speak the same language.

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OR...if you are interested in reading the book before it is released and collaborating with the author, click below. Your efforts will be recognized in the printed book when it is released. You can HELP WRITE THE BOOK!

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#2. Receive a Personalized Medication Consultation. This option is available to those patients and caregivers looking for extra support. During you consultation you will communicate with a pharmacist who will take down a detailed history of all of your health conditions, your allergies and current medications. Armed with this knowledge your pharmacist will compare your treatments for each condition to the guidelines. Recommendations will be compiled into a detailed report that you can bring to your doctor's appointment for discussion. The average report is approximately 30 pages long (depending on how many medications and health conditions you are living with) and is packed with information meant to fill any gaps in your knowledge and answer any questions you have. At the end of the report you will find a summary of items you may want to discuss with your doctor and caregiver.

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#3. Sign up for A Personal Empowered Medicine Concierge Pharmacist. This might be a good option if you are not looking for a complete personalized medication consultation but would still like some extra support. This service involves a small monthly retainer fee whereby you will have access to your own personal pharmacist, who is familiar with your medical history and current medications, and is available for you when you need her! With choices between contact via email, phone and in person, this is a great way to take care of those questions that tend to pop up when you least expect it.

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Since the first Edition of Empowered Medicine was published in 2009, over 200 new drugs have been approved by the FDA. There have also been updates to many of the guidelines released thus prompting the need for a Second Edition. The Second Edition of Empowered Medicine (Paperback and Kindle) is in the works and is anticipated to be released late 2018.  Again, Click HERE to sign up to receive an email update when Empowered Medicine (The 2nd Edition) is available. Don't miss this opportunity to get this important health information! No home library should be without this must-have home health reference.

A very special thanks to Mike Kloberdanz, Elaine Mamola and Michele Trent for having me, Christi Larson, on Smiles by Delivery's Healthy Senior Living live Podcast January 23! It was an honor and a pleasure.

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What are the Experts Saying?

"This work is the tool for better health...!." Dennis K. McAllister R.Ph., FASCP, Past President of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

“Well-organized, comprehensive...very readable... “ Ernest Y. Cheng, D.O., Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician

What are Readers Saying?

"A very well written and informative review of several major chronic diseases, their management and symptoms.  This book will be an enormous help for people trying to understand their own health problems." Dennis L. Clark, Ph. D.

“Very informative and easy to understand, I would recommend buying this book! “ Laura Beck

“Knowledge is power and this book definitely empowers the patient and is helpful to anyone who has a loved one with any of the covered medical conditions.  It is useful, practical and written in easy-to-understand language—no unintelligible doctor-speak here,” Veronique Pardee




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