Did you know there are official guidelines that help our doctors decipher which medications have been shown to be the most effective, least expensive and have the least amount of side effects? Doctors who are 'in-the-know' use these guidelines to prescribe medications based on sound, scientific evidence (not just because the local drug company rep dropped off some free drug samples to the office). When a doctor doesn't reference these guidelines, the patient's health could be danger.

Empowered Medicine is the ONLY book available that summarizes the official treatment guidelines for the top medical conditions into words we can all understand. No medical jargon here! You will rest assured that you and your family are receiving the quality, cost-effective treatment you deserve. Discover which medications may best treat your health condition while saving you money at the same time. You'll also find out which drugs could be harmful to your health . 

The first edition of Empowered Medicine was a was a huge success and is still available on Amazon in Kindle format. Since the first edition of Empowered Medicine was published in 2009, over 200 new drugs have been approved by the FDA. There have also been a new guidelines released for the various health conditions mentioned in the book thus prompting the need for a Second Edition. The Second Edition of Empowered Medicine (Paperback and Kindle) is in the works and is anticipated to be released late 2017. Click HERE to sign up to receive an email update when Empowered Medicine (The 2nd Edition) is available. Don't miss this opportunity to get this important health information! No home library should be without this must-have home health reference.

What are readers saying? 

"A very well written and informative review of several major chronic diseases, their management and symptoms.  This book will be an enormous help for people trying to understand their own health problems." Dennis L. Clark, Ph. D.


“Very informative and easy to understand, I would recommend buying this book! “ Laura Beck


“Knowledge is power and this book definitely empowers the patient and is helpful to anyone who has a loved one with any of the covered medical conditions.  It is useful, practical and written in easy-to-understand language—no unintelligible doctor-speak here,” Veronique Pardee 

Thank you for choosing to learn more about the 2nd Edition of Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers. As I mentioned in the first edition of this book, I was very inspired at a young age by my grandma. You see my grandpa had a barrage of health ailments and was always sort of ill. My grandma, a once aspiring doctor, kept a book shelf full of medical references. Books on anatomy, medications and natural remedies filled her shelf. She was always researching new medications or remedies that might help my grandpa feel better.

This scenario is not uncommon. Throughout history, it has been common to see mothers caring for their families when they got sick. Take pioneer times in the young United States for example. Homes were often spread far apart and hospitals were all but nonexistent. Mothers quickly learned which remedies worked for common ailments. The idea of someone in the household empowering themselves with the information they needed to keep their family well is not a new idea.

Although this idea is not a new one, I would argue that the idea needs some revisiting. Today in an age of modern medicine where health information is abundant, many patients seem left out of the loop when it comes to understanding their medications and health conditions. Although medical information is plentiful and available to everyone, it is often difficult to weed out misinformation. And with thousands of medications on the market today, how is one to know which medication works best, has fewer side effects or costs less. How is one to know which medication is right for them?

To answer these questions we look to our doctors. We trust our doctor to evaluate us as a whole (our medical history, drug allergies, living situation, finances…etc).  We trust them to make these medical decisions for us. We also look to them to answer questions about our health conditions and medications. Unfortunately in today’s health care system, doctors are pressed for time. Doctors today are feeling pressured to see an ever increasing number of patients while their reimbursement continues to shrink. For this reason being able to communicate effectively with your doctor is essential to making the most of their time and YOUR time in the doctor’s office.

Communication is best when both people involved have a common understanding about what they are talking about. In the world of medicine, the concept of evidence based medicine is the common ground that both parties should understand and apply. Evidence based medicine is the process of optimizing decision-making by using evidence from well-conducted research trials. For example a research trial may have compared drug A to drug B for the treatment of high blood pressure. The trial may have concluded that drug A was superior to drug B in treating high blood pressure. It may have also concluded that people who took drug B had significantly more side effects and were at a much higher risk of death compared to those who took drug A. This is the kind of information you would want your doctor to consider when making decisions about your high blood pressure treatment.

But the definition of evidence based medicine doesn’t stop there. A more modern description of evidence based medicine involves also incorporating clinical expertise and patient values and preferences into decision making. Having a conversation with your doctor is essential to him or her understanding your values and preferences.  

As you can imagine, physicians today do not have time to scour medical journals for trials and sift through the data to determine which treatments have been shown to work better than others. Thankfully, major organizations have reviewed the data and put together guidelines for most major health conditions. These guidelines are meant to help guide decisions and establish criteria regarding the diagnosis, management, and treatment of specific health conditions. For example the panel members appointed to the Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC 8) of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) have put out guidelines for the management of high blood pressure in adults. These and other guidelines are published in medical journals.  Doctors reference these guidelines when treating patients with high blood pressure and other health conditions.

This book was intended to give you access to the same medical guidelines your doctor has access to. In this book you will find guidelines for top major health conditions translated from medical jargon into layman’s terms for all to understand. This book is meant to help provide you with a working knowledge of which medications are recommended to treat your health conditions so that you can have an informed conversation with your doctor about your medications and health conditions.

I hope you will make the decision to take control of your health by getting informed. The next step will be discussing what you’ve learned with your doctor. I also hope this book finds a special place on your bookshelf at home. May you find it to be an informative and indispensable addition to your home medical library.


Christi Larson, Pharm. D. 

Remember: Get informed, stay current, be empowered.


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