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Empowered Medicine is for the patient who wants to feel better and spend less, for the caregiver who would like piece of mind and for anyone who wants to take charge of their healthcare. 

New from Empowered Medicine: 

*Discover which medications you should be taking* 
*Learn which medications can be harmful to your health* 
*Uncover ways to save money on your medications*




3 Ways to Benefit From Empowered Medicine Now

#1. Sign up for your own Personal Empowered Medicine Medication Therapy Specialist.. Receive a medication therapy consult in your home (where available). With this ongoing service you will have access to your own personal pharmacist, who is familiar with your medical history and current medications, and is available for you when you need her.  When you sign up for this exclusive service, you can be certain you are getting the best care with a pharmacist by your side. Your personal pharmacist will be there to help you navigate the healthcare system and your own therapy . With choices between contact via email, phone, text and in person (where available), this is a great way to take care of those questions that tend pop up when you least expect it.

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#2. Receive a Personalized Medication Consultation. During your consultation you will communicate with a pharmacist who will take down a detailed history of all of your health conditions, your allergies and current medications.  Armed with this knowledge your pharmacist will compare your treatments for each condition to the official medication guidelines. Recommendations will be compiled into a detailed report that you can bring to your doctor's appointment for discussion. This report is packed with information meant to fill any gaps in your knowledge and answer any questions you have. At the end of the report you will find a summary of items you may want to discuss with your doctor.

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#3. Sign up to receive an email when the Book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers (Paperback, Kindle) is released. A second edition to the epic reference published in 2009 is on its way. This is the ONLY book available that translates the official treatment guidelines for the top medical conditions into words we can all understand.  Learn which medications may be most helpful and which to avoid. You may also discover which medications may be most cost-effective. Armed with this information you will find discussions with your doctor to be more productive and helpful. After all, discussions go better when both parties speak the same language. No home library should be without this must-have reference.

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A very special thanks to Mike Kloberdanz, Elaine Mamola and Michele Trent for having me, Christi Larson, on Smiles by Delivery's Healthy Senior Living live Podcast! It was an honor and a pleasure to be at the historic Dave Pratt studios. 

If you missed the show, tune in below: 

Check Empowered Medicineout also on this special episode of Living in Style:


What are the Experts Saying?

"This work is the tool for better health...!." Dennis K. McAllister R.Ph., FASCP, Past President of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

“Well-organized, comprehensive...very readable... “ Ernest Y. Cheng, D.O., Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician

What are Readers Saying?

"A very well written and informative review of several major chronic diseases, their management and symptoms.  This book will be an enormous help for people trying to understand their own health problems." Dennis L. Clark, Ph. D.

“Very informative and easy to understand, I would recommend buying this book! “ Laura Beck

“Knowledge is power and this book definitely empowers the patient and is helpful to anyone who has a loved one with any of the covered medical conditions.  It is useful, practical and written in easy-to-understand language—no unintelligible doctor-speak here,” Veronique Pardee


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