Start your own consulting business

Today pharmacists have more opportunities than ever before to exercise their clinical knowledge and skill. New opportunities have brought new educational offerings whereby pharmacists can increase and validate their skills. So far, these education programs and certifications have focused largely on hospital or community pharmacy.  

There is a huge piece of the population, however, who are home-bound, who cannot venture to their local community pharmacy to seek the advice of their pharmacist. If they did, their hometown pharmacist may not have time to review their complete medication therapy as illustrated through their list of medications from all different doctors and pharmacies as well as their medical course as demonstrated through history and physicals, labs, and other documents obtained from hospitals, nursing homes…etc. What about these patients? How can they benefit from the unique skillset and knowledge that only a pharmacist can offer?

Enter Empowered Medicine. Empowered Medicine’s new training program is aimed at not only helping pharmacists validate their knowledge in evidence-based medicine and clinical disease management guidelines but also in honing their entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to apply them to help patients who would otherwise remain in the dark with regard to their medication therapy.  

Pharmacists enrolled in the Empowered Medicine Training will learn how to apply their knowledge of established clinical guidelines to help patients in the environment they are most comfortable in; their home. Pharmacists in the program can also expect to learn how to attract and engage clients. Training participants will discover how they can create their own schedules and communicate with patients in a variety of ways including in person, email, text, phone or skype. Finally participants will learn valuable techniques to grow their business



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