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Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine Coaching Programs (HMCP)

Ready to create the positive shifts in your health and in your life you've been craving but not sure where to start? Discover a healthier new you! A you that knows what to eat, how to move and how to basically kick butt and take names.

Try our 360 Program. With this program you get 360 minutes for $360. That's 6 weeks of one-on-one health coaching. Our coaches can help you create meal plans and a new fitness habit. They can also help you and your doctor adjust your medications as your body adjusts to your new lifestyle. 

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We are the cutting edge Health Coaching Professionals who can help you get to the underlying causes of your chronic health care issues and meet your health and weight loss goals. If other efforts to treat your chronic health conditions or to lose weight have failed you, you have come to the right place. We believe in getting to the root of what's keeping you from accelerating toward your goals. We are confident we can help you not only reverse your type 2 diabetes or other chronic health condition, but to also learn to thrive.


Our team approach utilizes the expertise of a wide variety of health care professionals including Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists, Dietitians, and Personal Trainers. Our Health Coaches will work with you to discover what's been holding you back from achieving your goals and what to do about it. Together, we will create lasting change that will transform your life.


For example, struggling to control your type 2 diabetes? We can help you better understand how your body processes the food you eat. This may help shed light on how your diet is impacting your cravings, moods, hormones, and ultimately your blood sugar and weight. We can also help you understand your medications, track your blood sugar, optimize your insulin, incorporate exercise and create meal plans. We will also help you set goals that will fire you up!