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Unparelleled Assisted Living Support

Empowered Medicine doesn't only provides health and medicine coaching to individuals.  We also provide unparalleled support to Assisted Living facilities. Here, facility residents receive expert advice on the use of their medications, nutrition recommendations, exercise guidance and supplement assistance. We can counsel residents and also make recommendations to health care providers where appropriate. We will be available for health/medication related questions from residents and staff. We are also available to provide educational inservices to residents and/or caregivers and staff.

Empowered Medicine is committed to providing person-centered care, taking into account the complex relationships between disease states, nutrition, medications, and other variables. In the Assisted Living setting, you will find our pharmacists to be essential clinicians on the health care team.

The HMCP for Assisted Living Package Includes:


  • Health condition specific evaluation and goal setting

  • Medication assessment and recommendations

  • Supplement and vitamin evaluation

  • Lifestyle goal, nutrition and physical fitness recommendations

  • Include one educational inservice for residents or staff

  • Exclusive support/Health care provider collaboration

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