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Chronic Pain Bundle


With Nutrigenomics Included:

As the US works to eliminate the opioid epidemic, true chronic pain sufferers may find themselves with less options for relief. The Chronic Pain Bundle aims to bring validity to patients’ pain while providing their Health Coach the knowledge they need to create personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for their clients that may assist in pain control.  21 gene variants have been chosen to examine polymorphisms in the areas of inflammation, detoxification, metabolism, and neurotransmitters. The result is a test that is able to identify genetic inclinations towards uncontrolled inflammation and heightened sensitivity to pain. Chemical toxification can occur through medications or even environmental toxins entering the body through food, water, or air. Many chronic pain sufferers turn to regular consumption of over the counter or prescribed medications to help relieve pain. Both environmental chemicals and chemicals in medications can harm the very cells intended to help the body repair itself, making detoxification and metabolism a crucial part of the Chronic Pain Panel.

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