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Food as Medicine

DNA Testing for Nutrition

Good nutrition is the basis for a healthy life. The nutrients in our food provide the building blocks and fuel our bodies need (at a cellular level) to run properly. If we don’t feed our cells the right food, our bodies will not work properly. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it.


So, we know the food we eat greatly affects our health. In addition, our genetics help determine our risk of developing certain health conditions and ultimately how our bodies process food. For example, if your genetics have predisposed you to poor nutrient absorption in your gut, your health may suffer. Conditions like this are typically due to mutations in our DNA. To overcome this problem, one may need to supplement with nutrients missing in their diet.

In fact, the addition of food, supplements and lifestyle changes can be used to help many health conditions such as diabetes, gluten allergy, reflux disease, chronic stress, mood disorders, fatigue, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and men and women’s health


Fortunately, technology now allows us to test our DNA so that we can learn exactly what types of DNA mutations might be present in our bodies. This type of testing is called Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics basically studies the relationship between nutrition and our genes. We can use this information to discover exactly what types of health interventions (supplements, diet changes, lifestyle changes…etc.) we can make to compensate for these mutations. As a result, we reap the rewards of better health, by looking and feeling our best.


We at Empowered Medicine have partnered with GX science labs to offer Nutrigenomic testing. This is a one-time test due to the fact that the DNA in our genes does not change so further testing will not be needed. Using nutrigenomic testing we can assist you in finding the right nutrients and lifestyle changes you may need to get back on track to a health life.


Nutrigenomics can be applied to many health concerns and may help recognize if you are at high risk for certain diseases. Your nutrigenomic report will share your results, descriptions of each key metabolic areas tested, analysis of your results, and dietary and supplementation recommendations based on your genetic results. Your personal Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine Coach will review the results with your and go over your personal nutrigenomic recommendations.


Empowered Medicine firmly believes in finding the source of a health issues and treating it, rather than treating the symptoms. Nutrigenomic testing gives you the power to take control of your own body and how it functions. Wondering why you’re having a hard time losing weight? Wondering which supplements may help boost your energy levels? Can’t figure out which foods might be disrupting your digestion.


Your lab kit will be sent directly to your house. Our lab’s simple test only requires a swab of the inside of the cheek. The sample is then sent back to the lab utilizing the paid return box provided in the kit. Test results are typically available in 10-14 days. Your Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine Coach will contact you when your results are ready.


DNA testing is now affordable and is the future of healthcare. We urge you to take advantage of nutrigenomic testing. It is an excellent way to optimize your health routine.

Order your personalized Nutrigenomic Test now.

Give us a call at 888-600-2705. To speak with Health and Medicine Coach, leave your information with our receptionist and a Coach will call you back as soon as possible.


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