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"Hi! I'm Coach Jen."

Jennifer Knoll RD circle pic transparent
Coach Stats:

Name: Jennifer Knoll


Nickname: Jen

Role at Empowered Medicine: Registered Dietitian/Health Coach


Master of Science in Exercise and Wellness with emphasis on Health Promotion

Bachelors in Nutrition with emphasis on Dietetics

Bachelors in Business and Communications

My name is Jennifer Knoll but your can call me Jen. I am a dietitian with Empowered Medicine. My passion is working one on one with people to educate and alleviate the pressures sometimes associated with eating well. People are often under the impression that one needs to change all of their exercise and diet habits at once to see positive changes in their body composition. My experience has been that this is not typically true. I attest that making small changes in one's daily habits can add up quickly and lead to success. 

I have experience designing and implementing weight loss programs focusing on habit improvement. I've perfomed biometric screenings and worked with clients to help them understand their lab results. Using evidence-based interventions, I've assisted clients in reaching optimal health outcomes. 

Let me use my knowledge and experience in nutrition to help you reach your health goals. Let me help you recognize and eliminate the road blocks that are keeping you from your nutrition and weight loss objectives. Let me guide you on your journey to a new life. 


Do you want to reverse your  type 2 diabetes? Want to lose weight and feel fantastic? Want to avoid conditions associated with diabetes like blindness, stroke, kidney failure and more? We can also help you with other health conditions too. Finally, you can call us even if you are just looking to boost your energy, relieve stress or be on top of your game.  Contact us to see how you can get started with your own Health Coach. Or check out our coaching packages below. 

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