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"Hi! I'm Coach Olivia."

Olivia Brown Pharm D circle pic transpar
Coach Stats:

Name: Olivia Brown

Role at Empowered Medicine: Clinical Pharmacist/Health Coach


Bachelors Microbiology

Doctor of Pharmacy


Certification-Medication Therapy Management

Certification-Anticoagulation Management

Additional Study: 

Volunteer, AZ Cancer Center

Bilingual: (Spanish/English)

My name is Olivia Brown.  I became enthralled with the study of medicine originally, because of my volunteer work and research, at the Arizona Cancer Center, as an undergrad, studying Micro Biology, while attending the University of Arizona.  That experience, coupled with my family’s first-hand experience with cancer, compelled me down this path of medicine.  I wanted to help educated my family and friend’s about healthy lifestyle changes, as well as teaching them ways, to live healthier lives.  So in 2013, I graduated from The University of Arizona, with a Doctor in Pharmacy and a Bachelor in Micro Biology.

I’ve had a plethora of experiences in the industry of Pharmacy.  I started working at a “mom-and-pop” pharmacy located in Sacramento, California.  I was then offered a position, at a compounding pharmacy 200 miles north in Redding, California.  From there a fellow pharmacist put in a good word and got me into retail, working as a pharmacist for Wal-Mart, and at the same time while working part-time in retail, I was hired for a staff pharmacist position in a rural hospital in Redding, California; where I gained my initial ER experience.  I was also able to land a “work-from-home” job, conducting comprehensive medications reviews for patience’s that qualified, through their insurance for medication management. 


After five years of working hard, gaining my experience, and paying my dues, I decided to relocate my family back to Tucson, Arizona.  I took a position at a hospital in Nogales, Arizona. Where I currently work part-time, and also float as a staff pharmacist for Wal-Mart.

My previous experiences place me into a prime position to help diverse patient populations, and different cultural groups.  I have provided care for patients in different settings such as, emergency medicine, pediatrics, patients with psychiatric disorders, geriatric patients, and those from many other walks of life.  I hold certifications in medication therapy management, as well as in anticoagulation management (blood thinners).  I am fluent and proficient in speaking both Spanish and English; which aids me in the translation of medicine to both groups and gives me a competitive edge above other professionals.

Now, I am dedicating my time to health coaching because I possess the knowledge and experience to help impact people in an extremely positive manor.  In an industry that is very hard to understand, I have the capabilities to deliver quality care consistently to a large variety of people.  

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with, or better understand, it would be my pleasure to help you, I will hold your hand.”


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