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"Hi! I'm Coach Tannaz."

Tannaz Farahani Pharm D circle pic trans
Coach Stats:

Name: Tannaz Farahani

Fun Fact: I had the honor or doing an internship and working with the United Nations for 4 years

Role at Empowered Medicine: Clinical Pharmacist/Health Coach


Doctor of Pharmacy

Masters of Public Health

Bachelors in Biology

Certifications: Medication Therapy Management


Special Recognitions:

Certificate of Appreciation - United Nations

Certificate of Appreciations - SAAC

Bilingual: I Speak both English and Farsi

My name is Tannaz Farahani. It's an honor to play such a large part in my clients' health education. Health literacy is a huge problem today. My experience in tutoring children and young adults has helped hone my skills as an instructor. My involvement in instruction combined with my understanding of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals enables me to truly engage my clients and take them to the next level in their health journey. 


Over the years I've worked with patients of almost every age including those residing in long term care and nursing homes. I'm well versed in medication management and am here to help my clients apply their doctor's care plan in their lives. This includes teaching my clients how to self manage the monitoring of their health conditions (i.e. measuring blood sugar or blood pressure). This is extremely important, however, many leave the doctor's office without knowing how to do this. 

It's my pleasure to help you realize your health goals and live at your optimal potential. Together we will help you set realistic goals and navigate the path to get there. We are in this together!


Do you want to reverse your  type 2 diabetes? Want to lose weight and feel fantastic? Want to avoid conditions associated with diabetes like blindness, stroke, kidney failure and more? We can also help you with other health conditions too. Finally, you can call us even if you are just looking to boost your energy, relieve stress or be on top of your game.  Contact us to see how you can get started with your own Health Coach. Or check out our coaching packages below. 

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