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christi larson pharmacist circle

Christi Larson, Pharm D

Owner, Empowered Medicine

I wanted to create something that provided health coaching from a unique perspective...Read more.

Jennifer Knoll RD circle pic transparent

Jennifer Knoll, RD

Registered Dietitian

My passion is working one on one with people to educate and alleviate the pressures associated...Read more

Olivia Brown Pharm D black white circle

Olivia Brown, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

I am fluent in both Spanish and English which helps me serve a diverse group of  clients...Read more

Brianne Vogt Roberts Pharm D circle pic.

Brianne Vogt-Roberts, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

Brianne's clinical experience in hospital and retail environments allows her to work with a variety...Read more.

Josh David circle pic bw.png

Josh Davis, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

I've worked with all kinds of clients; from athletes to people recovering from debilitating strokes...Read more 

Eileen Shea NP.png

Eileen Shea, NP

Nurse Practitioner

We must not limit our ability to heal from within when given the proper tools. ..Read more

Tannaz Farahani Pharm D circle pic trans

Tannaz Farahani, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

My experience as a tutor combined with my knowlege of pharmaceuticals enables me to ...Read more

Ashlinn Liu new circle pic3.png

Ashlinn Liu, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

After earning her medical degree from one of the top schools in China, Ashlinn honed her skills...Read more 

Laura Beers Personal Trainer circle pic.

Laura Beers, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

I love teaching clients to use what they have in their homes or their own bodies to stay fit...Read more

Trisha Miller Empowered Medicine pic tra

Trisha Miller, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

Life is a gift. Why not respect that and try to live the best one that we can. 

Read more

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