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Mental Health Bundle


With Nutrigenomics Included:

Taking a holistic approach to one’s health is key. This means incorporating mind, body and spirit into our personal health care plans. A strong clear mind is essential to being truly “well”. Therefore, no endeavor into becoming healthy would be complete without examining our mental health. Here we have tapped into the power of nutrigenomics to “listen” to what our DNA is telling us about the state of our mental well being. To start, it can help us learn more about our brain chemistry. For example, the state of our neurotransmitters is important. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow our cells to “talk” to each other. Examples of these include serotonin, GABA, dopamine, and epinephrine. When these neurotransmitters are out of balance with one another, our mood can be affected. Looking at our DNA can tell us if we are more likely to have imbalances that make us more prone to conditions like depression and can reveal what supplements and nutritional support can help overcome genetic shortcomings.

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