LOVE Your New Life!

Imagine if...

You had total control over your mind and body. 

You were at your goal weight, loving what you saw in the mirror.

You lowered your A1C and risk of diabetes complications

You knew just what to eat, how to move and how to become less dependent on medications

You had a Team to keep you accountable and on track

You had people who understood your struggle and supported you 100%.




(Please raise your right hand and repeat after me:)

Increasing my risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness

Needing to resort to sugar and caffeine to get through the day

Not being able to keep up with the kids

Not loving what I see in the mirror

Being troubled by my weight gain

Clothes that are too tight

Tired of being tired



Have a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and blindness

Have clothes that fit and confidence to spare

Feel energized, alert and ready to go




"It's too complicated!"

"diet programs and coaching

are expensive!"

"I don't have the self discipline to lose weight or lower my A1C."



When you have the right team and the tools.


Diabetics spend an average of $16,752 per year on diabetes-related care. 


That's what we are here for. 

We are strong when you feel weak.



It's time to get INTENTIONAL and MINDFUL about taking control of your health. At Empowered Medicine our health coaches will be there to help you set your goals, devise a plan of attack, implement a strategy and

enjoy sweet victory. 


Lose weight and Feel great! 



We are the cutting edge Health Coaching Professionals who are using the latest technology to help you meet your health and weight loss goals.  We’ve combined the power of Nutrigenomics with wisdom from our trusted healthcare professionals. This allows our Coaches to provide unparalleled health coaching with remarkable results.


Using a simple cheek swab in the comfort of your own home, we can identify nuances in your DNA that tell us more about exactly how your body operates. This enables our Health Coaches to better help you navigate your way through certain health conditions. They may also help them identify certain health conditions you may be prone to developing, even if they haven’t happened yet. Your Health Coach can then assist in discovering which nourishing supplements may provide the best nutritional support for your body. They can also recommend complimentary nutrition and healing meal plans. Your Coach may give you medication recommendations to review with your doctor and can also help you build a fitness habit. But we don’t stop there.


For example, struggling to control your type 2 diabetes? We can use your nutrigenomic results to better understand how your body processes the food you eat. This may help shed light on how your diet is impacting your cravings, moods, hormones, and ultimately your blood sugar and weight. We can also help you understand your medications, track your blood sugar, optimize your insulin, incorporate exercise and create meal plans. We will also help you set goals that will fire you up! 


We love seeing our clients living with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar, lose weight and get rid of one or more of their medications. However, diabetes is not the only health condition we can help you with. Check out our list of specialties:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Transformation

  • General Wellness

  • Weight Loss and Detoxification

  • Personal training/fitness

  • Immune health

  • Neurotransmitters/mood

  • Women’s health

  • Men’s health

  • Chronic pain

  • Medication Management with Pharmacogenomics

  • Custom

Our health coaches are Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians and Personal Trainers. However, our practice is unique. We act in the capacity of Health Coaches. We are there in the trenches with our clients. We are only a text away when they need help the most. We are who our clients call when they need help resisting the dessert they are about to order or if they can’t figure out how much insulin they are likely to need before they eat the dessert. They may call us when they are wondering if they are having an adverse drug reaction or if they would like some help learning how to monitor their own blood pressure. All the while, we are able to apply the precious information given to us by their DNA to tailor their health care course specifically to their body. 


Ready to create the positive shifts in your health and in your life you've been craving but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Discover a healthier new you! A you that knows what to eat, how to move and how to basically kick butt and take names.


Mon - Fri  800 am to 600 pm (AZ Time)


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Thanks for visiting!  We would love to be able to assist you in your health and medicine goals. We can't wait to use the latest technology to better understand how we can help you heal and start enjoying a vibrant life. Our coaches want to learn more about you; where you are at on your journey, what your goals are. Together we can see if coaching is right for you and find the perfect plan and the perfect coach to help you reach your targets and live at your best!

Accept no imitations. We are  Empowered Medicine, LLC founded in 2009. You can find us on social media @myempoweredmed. 

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Christi Larson, Pharm. D. 
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Accept no imitations. We are Empowered Medicine, LLC founded in 2009. You can find us on social media @myempoweredmed

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