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What's Your WHY?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

So what's your WHY? You know… the reason WHY you want to [insert: lose weight, stop drinking, become financially stable etc.]? And you can’t say, “I want get in shape.” Or, “For my kids.” These statements by themselves may not be strong/specific enough to get you up at 5 am for that walk.

You need something that’s going to talk you off the ledge when you are ready to throw everything out the window for that slice of cheesecake. For me, it helps to ask myself, “What are my deepest fears?” That leads me to my Why.

When you frame things in terms of fear, “For my kids” may turn into “I fear not being there to guide my 6 year old through his awkward teens, reckless 20s and fruitful 30s.” Instead of saying, “I want to get in shape” you might say, “I fear not being able strong enough to take care of myself as I get older” or “I fear not being able to attract/keep a mate.” These statements hold a bit more power, you think? When used thoughtfully, fear can serve as a powerful tool.

So now ask yourself again, “What’s my Why?”

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