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YOU are a HERO!

What a crazy time we are living in with the onset of the Corona Virus (COVID 19). It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for sure. I know many of you are stressed, stretched, and trying to find ways just to quiet your mind – I count myself among you! Everyone in our community are trying to find ways to deal with this devastating pandemic. However, in the spirit of hope and healing there are those who have chosen to focus the positive and have made it a point to spread joy, gratitude and inspiration. It’s great to see people coming together to spread cheer and positivity in this time of uncertainty and worry. For example, I love to see children coloring uplifting artwork on sidewalks and posting rainbow pictures in windows. Others are playing a game where people in the community put teddy bears in their windows for children to count.

Many are also lending an eager helping hand to keep things running as smoothly as possible. People in the community are coming together to make sure everyone has what they need (toilet paper, food…etc). People are making generous donations to help those in need. Parents are now homeschooling their children due to the closing of schools.

I want those who are taking part in the spread of positivity and lending a helping hand (no matter how big or small the gesture) to know that your community sees you. I see you. Each of you is an amazing, unique, irreplaceable human being that is choosing to be a light during this dark time. To your community and to your families, each of you is a hero. You are loved, by so many, and you are thought of, prayed over, and worried about by more than you know!

THANK YOU for all that you’ve done, and all that you continue to do!

Christi Larson, Pharm. D.

CEO, Empowered Medicine LLC

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