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Welcome Healthcare Providers

Please allow me to introduce myself and share some info with you to see if we may be able to support your practice in any way.

My name is Christi Larson. I’m the Founder of Empowered Medicine, LLC. We are a mobile network of health professionals providing health and medicine coaching in the valley.

We realize that some patients are overwhelmed when it comes to their type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Many people don’t know where to start. So we assist them in implementing their Provider's care plan in their lives. We help them understand their medications, how to calculate their insulin dose, what's best to eat, how to control cravings, how to incorporate exercise and how to set goals that will fire them up!


We have a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacists, a Registered Dietitian and 2 Personal Trainers. We see people remotely or in their home. However, to be clear, we do not prescribe medication or take the place of one’s provider. We strictly provide health and medicine coaching. We help our clients apply the instructions given to them by their Health Care Provider. We work with behavior modification so clients can reach their goals. We also help with meal planning, creating a shopping list, implementing an exercise regimen, handling low blood sugar episodes…etc. We are who our clients call when they need help resisting the dessert they are about to order or if they can’t figure out how much insulin they are likely to -need before they eat the dessert.

If you would like to refer a patient to us for type 2 diabetes coaching, we'd be happy to send your office regular updates regarding your patient's Health Coaching progress. Likewise, if there are any specific areas you would like us to focus on, please note them on the referral form.


There are 2 ways to refer patients for coaching:

1.) Print the pdf on this page and fax it to 888-509-7280 or

2.) Call us at 888-600-2705 and leave your information with the receptionist. We will call you back asap.


If you are interested in a staff inservice, feel free to call us or shoot an email to Checkout our trifold attached for more info as well. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and ready to help your patients be successful and avoid the sequelae associated with type 2 diabetes.

Looking forward to working with you,

Christi Larson, Pharm. D.

Owner Empowered Medicine, LLC

888-600-2705 office

480-809-0234 cell

888-509-7280 fax



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