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General Wellness &

Nutrition Bundle


Available With or Without Nutrigenomic Testing:

It has been said that health is a state of well-being, not merely the absence of disease. Checking in on the health of your body's most basic metabolic pathways and proactively checking for areas in need of repair is vital to maintaining lasting health.  For this Bundle, your Health Coach will first perform a General Wellness & Nutrition Assessment which will include a detailed inquiry into your medical, fitness, nutritional, sleep, and well being history.


Next, if you choose to include Nutrigenomic Testing through our lab as part of this bundle, your genetic sample will provide us with information that is extremely helpful in identifying very specific areas of focus for intervention.  There are several key chemical pathways that are examined in our General Wellness & Nutrition Bundle that are essential to the health of every cell in our body.  For example, the process of methylation can affect how our cells make energy, how they 'talk' to each other and how healthy their DNA (the proteins in our cells that pass on our genetic code) is.


Once areas of opportunity are identified, your Health Coach will suggest interventions, such as nourishing supplements, meal plans, fitness or medical interventions that can be made to help compensate or correct the problem. Your coach will work with you on creating a realistic, sustainable wellness plan that will work for you within the context of your life. 

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