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Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine
Coaching Programs (HMCP)

So who are we? We are your knights in shining armor. The ones who can help you reverse type 2 diabetes so you can lose weight, increase your energy and eliminate one or more of your medications. Most importantly, we can help you get your spark back!


Our Health and Medicine Coaches are Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians and Certified Personal Trainers who can work with you and your doctor to create the positive shifts in your health and in your life you've been craving. Not sure where to start? We assist you in implementing your doctor's care plan in your life. We can help you understand your medications, how to dose your insulin, what's best to eat, how to control cravings, how to incorporate exercise and how to set goals that will fire you up! 

Unfortunately today, physicians have to deal with new demands and challenges that limit the amount of time they can spend with each of their patients. As a result there is often little time to ask their patients questions like, "Is this plan doable for you? Can you afford this mediation? Do you need some help figuring out what to eat and how to manage your blood sugar? Your insulin?"

Empowered Medicine fills this gap by helping clients navigate their type 2 diabetes diagnosis, create realistic goals and implement a strategy for meeting their provider's care plan's objectives. And we do it all from the comfort of their own home. 

What sets us apart from other mobile medical providers is that we provide Health and Medicine Coaching. We are who our clients call when they need help putting their doctor’s care plan into action. We work with behavior modification so clients can reach their goals. We also help with meal planning, creating a shopping list, implementing an exercise regimen, handling low blood sugar episodes…etc. We are who our clients call when they need help resisting the dessert they are about to order or if they can’t figure out how much insulin they are likely to need before they eat the dessert.


Our focus is on diabetes because we feel we can make a tremendous impact here, however, we help clients with all kinds of health conditions (stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, etc). We help patients and caregivers make sense of their medication regimen. We also help those who just want to optimize their health and get on top on their game.


At Empowered Medicine, we give clients the knowledge they need to succeed  and the tools they need to apply this knowledge and THRIVE! Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back.  Empowered Medicine is here to help.

Through expert advice and coaching, you'll soon be excelling in ways you never thought possible. At Empowered Medicine, our Health and Medicine Coaches are highly trained health professionals who are ready to use their skills to help you crush your goals and love the life you live. 

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