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The Book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers

The book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers was written by pharmacist Christi Larson, Pharm. D. It is the ONLY book that takes the official medical guidelines for health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes and translates them into layman's terms so we can all understand. Learn which drugs may have less side effects, help you save money and may actually help you live longer (based on data from scientific trials). Struggling with a health condition like COPD or heart disease? Want to feel better? This book could change your life. 

The book Empowered Medicine is easy to navigate. Each chapter outlines a new health condition. There are places to plug in your own numbers so you can figure out what your goals should be and what therapies may best help you get there. Worksheets in the back are included for easy calculation and sharing with your health care provider. 

Order your copy of the book below or get a FREE copy when you sign up for one of our Health Coaching packages

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