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Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine Coaching Programs (HMCP)

At Empowered Medicine, we realize people are not just the sum of all of their health conditions. We focus on the whole person. For example, we realize that helping someone control their diabetes means more than just adjusting their medications. It means looking at other aspects of their life and how they are affected. It means considering the root of the problem and addressing someone’s weight, nutrition, environment, social, spiritual and general well-being too.


Empowered Medicine is dedicated to helping you achieve optimum health using preventative and evidence-based medicine. Not only are evidence-based treatment goals of current medical conditions considered; the big picture including your personal goals and aspirations are also considered. Your coach will help you devise a plan to meet evidence-based treatment goals while helping you achieve personal goals that are important to you.


At Empowered Medicine, our Health and Medicine Coaches are health professionals: Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians and Certified Personal Trainers who work with you and your doctor to create personalized health and medicine plans to help you set realistic goals and see timely results.


Our Medicine coaches are Clinical Pharmacists who utilize their pharmaceutical and nutraceutical knowledge, combined with a deep understanding of a variety of different health and wellness theories, to provide you with an individualized health plan tailored to your unique needs.


Our Clinical Pharmacist can also review your current health conditions and medication regimens and compare them to official medication guidelines to see where you might be able to optimize your medication therapy to potentially extend life, feel better and save money.

Our Registered Dietitian can work with you on developing healthy eating strategies and with healthy habit creation. She can also help you discover the road blocks that may be holding you back on your journey to healthy eating and help you break them down so you can excel like you’ve never been able to before.


Our Certified Personal Trainers can work with you to create an individualized fitness plan to meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking to build muscle, slim down, lose fat or increase energy, our personal trainers have got you covered. We offer a variety of fun fitness options including a Martial Arts inspired fitness package offered by our resident Martial Arts expert. We also boost an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Level 1 Credentialed Exercise is Medicine® Certified Personal Trainer, who is credentialed to work with medical patients with chronic health conditions who have been cleared for exercise. 


Your Empowered Medicine health coach can work with you on understanding where you are at on your health journey and where you want to be for your best health. Your personalized health plan may include lifestyle changes, dietary goals, fitness plan and an assessment of medications, supplement and vitamin needs. 


At Empowered Medicine, our goal is not only to educate you about health matters, but also to help you implement small changes that will help you see lasting change and success. This can only be done if YOUR definition of success is the focus. Your coach can help you develop personalized, realistic health goals and work with you to achieve them. These goals will help motivate you and help you achieve your aspirations. 

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