Empowered Medicine Health and Medicine Coaching Programs (HMCP)

Unfortunately today, physicians have to deal with new demands and challenges that limit the amount of time they can spend with each of their patients. As a result there is often little time to ask their patients questions like:  “Is this plan doable for you? Can you afford this medication? Do you need some help figuring out what to eat and how to manage your blood sugar? Your insulin?”

Empowered Medicine fills this gap by helping clients navigate their type 2 diabetes diagnosis, create realistic goals and implement a strategy for meeting their provider’s care plan’s objectives. And we do it all from the comfort of the patient’s home.

At Empowered Medicine, we offer a Health and Medicine Coaching Program (HMCP) for type 2 diabetes (and other chronic health conditions). Our Health and Medicine Coaches are on the front lines of the diabetes epidemic, working side by side via home visits, phone, text, email or messaging. We are in the trenches, so to speak, helping people living with diabetes lose weight, lower their blood sugar and improve their cholesterol profile. Our coaches can help clients decrease their risk of diabetes complications like heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation and dialysis. We also help our clients look and feel their best.

Our Health and Medicine Coaches are Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians and Personal Trainers. Unlike some medication management programs run by, lets say, an insurance company, Empowered Medicine is not limited to looking at one drug class, one health condition or focusing on drug interactions. We look at the WHOLE client because we realize that helping someone manage their diabetes means more than just adjusting their medications. It means looking at other aspects of their life as well and how they are affected. It means considering the root of the problem and addressing someone’s weight, nutrition, emotional, environment, social, spiritual and general well-being too.

Your Empowered Medicine health and medicine coach can work with you on understanding where you are at on your health journey and where you want to be to live your best life. Your personalized health plan may include lifestyle changes, dietary goals, a fitness plan and an assessment of medication, supplement, and vitamin needs. ​We will also compare your current medication regimen to national health guidelines to see if therapy can be optimized.

Lastly, we believe that focusing on the client’s definition of success is key to seeing lasting change and achievement. Therefore, we help clients implement, create and reach goals that are important to them in the context of their lives as well.

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