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Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. Many clients are looking to fine-tune their nutrition by utilizing nutrigenomic testing. But just as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition that works for everyone, the same could be said about fitness. Everyone’s body is unique. Our body compositions vary widely as do our athletic abilities and fitness goals. The importance of having a professional take all of this into consideration to build a personalized fitness routine cannot be stressed enough. The potential benefits of exercise can also not be stressed enough. Besides keeping you in tip top physical shape, exercise can improve your mood, make you more resilient to stress improve your sleep, improve memory, and boost energy. Because we feel so strongly about building a positive fitness habit, we do not mark up our fitness bundles so we can offer it to you at cost. Add personal training to any of our bundles or order it alone. Or order one of our nutrigenomic Bundles to compliment your fitness routine. The choice is yours!

Personal Training Bundle


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