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Weight Loss &

Detox Bundle


Available With or Without Nutrigenomic Testing:

Weight loss can prove challenging for the body that is already dealing with other issues. Underlying issues can be roadblocks to achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. There are three roadblocks to weight loss that a Nutrigenomic panel can help with; inflammation, underperforming mitochondria and unoptimized methylation.

Inflammation is a reaction of your body’s immune system to certain things in the food or environment that it views to be a threat. In some cases it is thought the body is triggered to store more fat (possibly to store away certain chemicals or toxins it can’t process). 70% of the body’s immune cells are actually present in and around the intestinal tract. Therefore, watching what we put into our body from an inflammation point of view is very important. A low-inflammation diet may be helpful in maintaining a healthy weight. Nutrigenomic testing may also help by identifying inflammatory conditions one may be prone to like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. It also examines immune clearance of intestinal pathogens (autophagy) and the breakdown of histamine in foods. This information may help one avoid inflammatory triggers in their diet.  

Next, we move onto our mitochondria. They are noted to be the ‘powerhouses’ of our cells. This is because they create, from food, the energy that our body needs for everything it does. Healthy mitochondria aid in the burning of calories and fat. Mitochondria that are sluggish or not optimally processing calories and fat may hinder healthy weight maintenance. Nutrigenomic testing can potentially identify certain chemical processes in the mitochondria that may be prone to suboptimal performance. This is because this type of testing can identify variations in one’s DNA that may make one more inclined to developing certain types of metabolic deviations.

Methylation is one such chemical pathway that can be examined through Nutrigenomic testing. It is involved converting many chemicals in the body to their active form. It’s proper operation affects mitochondrial energy productions, neurotransmitter production and DNA health. When methylation is not optimized, long-term healthy weight maintenance may be more difficult.

Who needs this panel? Anyone who desires healthy weight management and want to reduce inflammation and optimize their metabolism.

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